Monday, December 1, 2008

i am a sissymaid

A lot has happened. When I went to another garage sale in mid october, I bumped into the woman at whose garage sale I had bought a dress in sept. She asked me how the dress fit me. When I stammered something about it being for my wife, she said it wasn't her size and it must be for me. She invited me to meet her the following monday for lunch. When I showed up, she told me that Iasn't dresssed appropriately. When I told her I could run home and get changed, she said she had an outfit for me to wear. I followed her to another room where she had a dress laid out. I told her I couldn't go out to lunch like that. She told me if I didnt get dressed, not only would she call my wife at work [she told me the #] but she would tell her about me dressing like a girl. I put on the outfit. Red polka dot dress with ribbons and bows. Pantyhose, red ruffled panties, red high heels, and a curly blonde wig. I was in a trance as she painted my nails, did my make-up and finished it with bright red lipstick. I followed her out to the car thinking we would just go to a drive tru. The next thing I know, I am sitting in a Ruby Tuesdays with her eating a salad. That was only the start

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I went to a few garage sales today. I bought a cute sundress at one. The woman running it gave me a funny look [may have been my imagination] . She told me she would have more clothes next week if my wife wanted to stop and look herself. By the time I left there my heart was pounding. Sure is easier to shop online.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I ordered a red satin french maids uniform. I can't wait for it to get here. I also ordered a pair of red high heels

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I cant believe I just got done painting my toenails. They are a fire engine red color. I will have to hide them from my wife. She will be real tired from work today, so it should not be an issue. I can't wait until dinner. I will be sitting across from her with red panties under my clothes and painted red toenails. I will be more of a girl than her


I need to share this with someone. I can't believe I am all dressed up in womans clothes and telling people. I am a total jock at heart. I always considered guys who dressed up to be really weird. One minute I am humping my wifes rear end while she is wearing panties, the next week I am whacking off in them and 2 weeks later trying them on. Now I have on a dress, high heels, panties a bra and wig. My wife is at work and the kids are in school, so I am alone until at least 3 oclock. I am already thinking about going out in public